How to make money faster in The Crew 2, Ubi racing game

The Crew 2 is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and brings with it new ways to compete. In addition to varied vehicles, the game offers very different evidences and new ways to evolve in the career, gaining followers. For this, the player will need to buy cars, boats, airplanes and other machines to improve in the competition - but they cost the fictional money of the game, which can be obtained in several ways. Learn how to make money faster in The Crew 2 and take part in more tests:

The Crew 2: Check out tips to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Winning races and challenges

There is not much mystery here. The more races you win, the more money you will receive. Races can be of any vehicle style and anywhere on the map - they all yield some amount, varied from one another, according to the difficulty.

How to Make Money Fast in The Crew 2

For challenges: the same thing. Participating and winning challenges is even more important than ordinary races so you can earn a little more money, even if the difficulty is also higher. The important thing is never to deny a challenge or race, so that you can always add up.

Register photos

There are specific missions in The Crew 2 that ask you to record photos of exotic or beautiful locations. The secret here is that these missions yield far more than any race or challenge, so they should be your top priority if the intention is to win more and more into the game.

How to Make Money Fast in The Crew 2

The big problem is that there is no magic formula. You need to find out the locations of the photos and register. In some cases it may be with the car stopped, in others in the middle of a braking or skidding - the drift. Do not forget to always register and submit to post.

Is it possible to sell vintage cars?

Unfortunately, unlike other car games, it is not possible to sell used vehicles or that you are no longer useful to raise more money. It would be a very useful tool in The Crew 2 because you can accumulate enough vehicle, but it is not feasible. The first game was like that, too.

How to Make Money Fast in The Crew 2

But instead of trying to sell, you can always upgrade older vehicles, leaving them with better features and points, so you can do well in the more advanced tests - which in turn will make you money. Do not forget this detail.

Explore the world Hotels

A very interesting and natural way to make money in The Crew 2 is to simply explore the game world. The map is huge and deserves to be seen in its entirety. Each location also holds events in real time, which can earn you some money.

How to Make Money Fast in The Crew 2

It is worth remembering that the more you explore and rise to the level of followers, the more tests are unlocked, with the chances of improving your evolution continuously.

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