How to use Wafer Messenger, WhatsApp rival that lets you take online status

Wafer Messenger is a rival WhatsApp messaging application. The service allows you to send multimedia items, such as audios, photos, videos, but has differentials compared to the competing messenger. In addition to making it possible to send stickers and drawings, the platform hides the online status of the conversations and leaves the user "invisible" to the contacts. This setting can be activated in each chat separately, which makes it possible to apply the function only to inconvenient people.

Available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, Wafer Messenger has more than 500, 000 downloads on the Google Play Store and is believed to work in compliance with GDPR and the Brazilian Data Protection Act on the Internet. Check below how to use the main functions of Wafer Messenger.

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To create an account

Step 1. Fill in the language, the country code (+55, in the case of Brazil) and enter the number of your phone with the DDD. Touch "Next" to move forward. On the next screen, enter the confirmation code received by SMS, check that you accept the terms of service and the privacy policy and end in "Join Wafer";

Create an account on Wafer Messenger

Step 2. Create a Wafer username and add a profile photo, if desired. Tap "Start" to begin using;

Fill in the profile on Wafer Messenger

To talk

Step 1. At the top of the screen are the contacts that have Wafer account. Touch one of them to start a conversation. With chat open, select the keyboard icon to write a message;

Wafer Messenger has chat similar to WhatsApp

Step 2. To send an image, touch the photo icon in the lower menu. You can upload files from the gallery or capture images in time with the camera. Then drag the level to "Submit" at the bottom of the screen;

Upload gallery or camera images into Wafer Messenger conversations

Step 3. To send audios, press the button to record the voice message and, likewise, drag the button to "Send";

Wafer Messenger also allows you to send audio messages

Step 4. To send a sticker, touch the sticker button in the menu. Then select the cards you want;

Wafer Messenger allows the sending of stickers, feature that rival WhatsApp does not have

Step 5. Access the list with your active conversations by going back to the home screen and tapping the balloon icon in the main menu;

Wafer Messenger gathers active conversations in list in the main menu

To take online status

Step 1. To hide your online status from a conversation and be invisible to that friend, touch the Wafer icon in the upper right corner of the window. Finally, enable the "Make me invisible" option.

Wafer Messenger allows you to hide status online and stay invisible to friends

Ready. Take advantage of the tip, use Wafer Messenger as an alternative to WhatsApp and have more privacy.

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