Instagram phrases: how to create posts with messages in Adobe Spark

Adobe's Spark Post is a free editing app that lets you create posts with phrases and post on Instagram. Available for iPhone (iOS) and web version (for use on PC), the tool can be useful to produce images with motivational messages, good morning, among other subjects, to show to friends of Instagram - in the Stories or feed. The application has a gallery of ready-made templates that can be edited and used as an example.

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In the following tutorial, learn how to use the Spark Post app to create posts with messages on your phone. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 8 with iOS 12, but the tips are also valid for other models of the Apple phone. The step by step to the online version is also similar.

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Step 1. Download and install the Spark Post. Open the app and select the desired template. Then touch "Remix" at the bottom of the screen;

Choose the template you want to edit

Step 2. Start by adjusting the size of the photo to the Instagram or Stories feed. To do this, touch "Resize" and choose the desired option;

Select the image format (Feed or Stories)

Step 3. To edit the text, tap on it and choose "Edit". You can also change the color, font, shape, style, and other details. After making the desired settings, touch "Done";

Editing photo text

Step 4. If you want to edit the background image, touch it. Among the options, you can adjust the photo frame, rotate, resize and apply filters. After making the desired settings, touch "Done";

Editing background image

Step 5. You can also change the layout of the image. Choose the desired option and touch "Done" in the bottom corner of the screen;

Changing Text Layout

Step 6. Under "Effects", you can add text and image transition effects. Choose the desired option and touch "Done" in the bottom corner of the screen;

Adding effects

Step 7. After making all the edits you want, tap Share in the upper right corner. Choose "Video" if you added transition effects. Otherwise, touch "Image";

Exporting edited file

Step 9. Finally, select "Instagram" and choose whether you want to share the image in your feed or story.

Sharing image on Instagram

Enjoy the tips to post phrases on your Instagram in a simple way.

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