Instagram Stories: How to use photos and videos as stickers

Instagram Stories has a trick that can resize images as if they were stickers. When taking a picture or recording a video, simply make the tweezer move with your fingers to increase or decrease the image, as it works with a sticker on the platform. The background of the screen will be colored automatically, following the color palette of the captured image. It is worth noting that the feature does not work with files sent from the gallery itself.

Check out the following tutorial how to use photos and videos as stickers in the Instagram Stories. The process was done on an iPhone (iOS), but the instructions are the same for Android.

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How to make Stories on Instagram

Step 1. Click the camera icon located in the upper left corner of the screen to open the Stories camera. Then tap the capture button to take a picture or record a video normally;

Access Instagram Stories and capture a photo or video

Step 2. At the end of the capture, tweeze your fingers on the screen to increase or decrease the image, and position it where you want. It will be resized as a sticker for Stories;

Tweeze to resize the photo in Instagram Stories

Step 3. You can add GIFS, drawings and texts normally. When you finish editing, send Story to your friends or post in your story.

Edit your story as usual and send it to your friends

Ready. Resize your photo as you like and send it to your Instagram friends.

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