WhatsApp: Find out which friends are seeing your location in real time

WhatsApp lets you share your location in real time with the Android and iPhone (iOS) app. The free tool also allows you to cancel the feature at any time, which is important in case the user forget to whom he sent, especially if it is a group conversation, for example. The GPS tracking system can stay active for up to eight hours if it is not turned off. This exposes the sender to security and privacy issues on a day-to-day basis.

A messenger function, however, displays a complete list of contacts enabled to track your live location. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to stop sharing for all your friends at the same time. The procedure was performed on an Apple model, however the guidelines also serve for Google models.

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Find out who's accessing your location in real-time on WhatsApp

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Step 1. Enter the app and, in the "Settings" tab, go to the WhatsApp settings. Then select "Account";

Access settings in WhatsApp

Step 2. Tap "Privacy" and then go to "Real-Time Location";

Access privacy and real-time location on WhatsApp

Step 3. At this point, the user can see the complete list of all people who are accessing your location in real time, in addition to the remaining transmission time. To stop all transmissions at once, without opening the conversation, select "Stop Share." Then confirm on "Stop Share" (the option is called "Shut Down" on Android);

View the list of people accessing your geolocation in WhatsApp and stop sharing

Step 4. If you prefer to remove only from a specific contact, you will need to open the chat with the person and tap "Stop Share" on the map with the geolocation map. Finally, click "Stop Sharing."

Stop broadcasting only to a contact in WhatsApp

Ready. Take the hint and stop sharing your WhatsApp location with all your contacts at once to ensure privacy and security.

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