Apple unveils tips for unlocking 'secret features' of the Netflix app

Netflix iOS users have a page of tips where secret application features are unveiled. The content, available from the new interface of the App Store launched in 2017, features features that can optimize the use of the service on the iPhone and iPad. Focused on controlling the features of the app, the tips bring steps to improve the quality of videos, participation in tests and also show how to control access to the account.

The page in the App Store has interactive content, but does not effectively show how to use each function. To help you, we've created a step-by-step to take advantage of each of the tips.

Tutorial shows how to use hidden secrets in the Netflix app for iOS

How to share a Netflix account without having to give the password

High quality movies and series

Watching Netflix titles with the best possible quality is an ideal tip for discerning people with image playback. In addition, poor streaming quality may impair viewing detail in scenes. See step-by-step to improve playback on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1. Access the application settings and enter the "Video Quality" option.

Action to follow to the choice for video quality in the Netflix app for iOS

Step 2. Choose the "Best" option for streaming to play with the best available picture quality.

Option to choose the best video quality in the Netflix app for iOS

Test before new app features

You can test new application features before other users. To do this, you need to enable the feature from the Netflix page through the app, as shown in the steps below. Remember that because they are functions and tools in tests, there is a possibility of bugs occurring during the use of the service.

Step 1. In the application sidebar options, tap "Account" and go to "Participation in tests".

Path to enable participation in Netflix app testing for iOS

Step 2. Press the "On" button to get the feature in the application.

Action to enable participation in Netflix app testing for iOS

End sessions on all devices

To know when someone is watching something without permission in your profile, the application has a link that takes you to the list of titles played. This information can be analyzed until you are sure that someone is using the account and needs to take some more drastic action.

Step 1. Access your account through the app and enter the "What was watched" option. At this point, check out all the titles watched on your profile to see if someone has access to your account or not. If there is some strange access, go to the next step, otherwise keep it as is.

Way to know what was watching on a Netflix account through the app for iOS

Step 2. On your account options screen, go to "Sign out all devices". This will sign out of your account on all devices logged in and you will need to use a login and password to return to the platform, preventing others from reusing your account.

Option to end Netflix sessions on all devices using the iOS app

Create a profile for children

This is ideal for minors to receive content that is in accordance with their age group. It is possible to create a profile with a different interface and with specific suggestions for children's titles, such as cartoons.

Step 1. On the toolbar on the side of the app, tap on your avatar and on the next page choose "Add profile."

Way to create a new profile on a Netflix account using the iOS app

Step 2. Select an avatar, activate the option "For children" and tap "Save" to create the profile.

Action to create a profile for kids using the Netflix app for iOS

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčthat saw a series season

Through the activity log, users can also check the time it took to finalize a series season. The tip is ideal to know if a series was finalized in a weekend marathon or if it took days to finish.

Step 1. Log in to your account and tap "What you've seen". The next screen will show all episodes view and the day they were watched.

Action to know how fast a series was finalized by the Netflix app for iOS

Use the tips to master the Netflix app and make the most of the content of series, movies and documentaries offered by the service.

With information from Apple

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