Bio centralized in Instagram: see tips to edit your biography

Instagram, by default, allows you to add just a running text in the bio. However, with some simple tricks, it is possible to circumvent this limitation of the social network. The tip is to use a Notes app to write your bio and then paste everything into your profile. This way, you can skip lines and center the text on your phone screen.

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Check out the following tutorial for tips on how to format your Instagram biography text. The procedure was performed on an iPhone (iOS), but the step by step is the same for Android users.

Learn how to customize your profile biography on Instagram

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Step 1. Open any notes app and create a new note. Now, write the text of your biography normally;

Enter your biography into a notes app

Step 2. To center the text, copy the content in quotation marks: "⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀". This is a special character that can not be viewed. Then paste it at the beginning of each line;

Paste content at the beginning of the line

Step 3. If you want to skip a line, use the same special character from the previous step. However, instead of pasting at the beginning of the line, paste between paragraphs;

Paste the content in the line to be skipped

Step 4. After making the desired settings, select all the text and copy. Remember that Instagram limits the size of the biography to 150 characters;

Copy all text from Notepad

Step 5. In Instagram, go to your profile and touch "Edit Profile". Then touch "Bio" to edit the text;

Access your profile settings

Step 6. Paste the text you copied earlier and tap "Finish" in the upper right corner. Finally, returning to the previous screen, touch "Finish" again;

Paste the text into your biography

Step 7. Verify that the result is the way you would like it. If necessary, repeat the procedure until you find the perfect layout.

Check result

Ready! Enjoy the tips to make a face different from your Instagram profile.

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