How to translate from English to Portuguese with LinguaLeo plugin in Chrome

LinguaLeo is a free tool to translate texts from English to Portuguese in few clicks. Simply install the extension in Chrome and it displays on the screen the meaning of specific words or short excerpts in English opened in the browser. There is also the possibility to listen to the selected text, ideal for people interested in practicing the pronunciation of words and improving the conversation. Check out how to use the plugin to learn new words and study English from Google Chrome.

The feature is also available as an app for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. In addition, there is a premium version, which offers advantages such as more than 22 topics of grammar to study, thematic courses and special training to develop language skills. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to use the extension to study English using Google Chrome.

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Use the LinguaLeo extension to learn English faster

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Step 1. Access the LinguaLeo extension download page and click the "Use in Chrome" option to install;

Download the LinguaLeo extension

Step 2. Touch the "Add extension" option to confirm the installation of the translation tool in Chrome;

Download and install the LinguaLeo plugin in Chrome

Step 3. A LinguaLeo presentation screen will be displayed on the screen. Then go to the "Go to options" button;

Home screen to enter LinguaLeo extension options for Chrome

Step 4. The options displayed indicate buttons for selecting words, displaying images associated with text, contexts, and other details. To proceed, open a web page with English text;

Check out the options offered by LinguaLeo for Chrome

Step 5. Double-click on a word so that the extension displays the translation and allows you to hear the pronunciation. To listen in the foreign language, just click the blue speaker button;

Translate a word from English to Portuguese with the extension LinguaLeo for Chrome

Step 6. Select a short excerpt from the text and right click on the selected area. Then choose "Translate";

Select a text for translation in the LinguaLeo extension for Chrome

Step 7. The result, in Portuguese, will be presented with blue letters. The original passage in English appears in orange and can be played in audio to learn the pronunciation of words.

Check the translation of a text snippet with LinguaLeo for Google Chrome

Ready. Use the hint for questions, translate texts and practice your pronunciation in English with the LinguaLeo extension for Google Chrome.

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