What is the best credit card? Compare all with the IQ360

The IQ360 is a credit card comparator. The online simulator has data of more than one hundred Brazilian cards, three flags and 14 financial institutions. Among them are digital cards such as Nubank, Neon and Next and of physical banks like Santander, Itaú, Bradesco and many other banteiras. It is possible to filter the options according to preferences, income and goals of the users to identify which card brings the best cost or the best attractions for each person.

Financial companies still have a number of credit card benefits, such as accrual of airline miles, points that can be exchanged for online purchases, cashback, or even free annuity. Here's how to use the IQ360 online simulator and choose the best card for you.

How to sign up credit card on Google Pay

Onlien Simulator compares credit cards to discover optimal plan for user

Step 1. Go to the IQ360 website (iq360.com.br) and click on "Cards" in the top menu;

The IQ360 is a startup focused on financial solutions

Step 2. Select the "Card Comparator" option;

Startup has developed a solution to find the best credit card option

Step 3. Now that you have arrived at the simulator, press "Start";

To access the credit card comparator, go to the IQ360 website

Step 4. Answer your approximate monthly income by dragging the ball, then click "Next." Answer the next question (how much do you usually spend on credit cards) in the same way and advance;

The simulator questions lead you to the credit card that best fits your economic profile

Step 5. Select the benefits that interest you most in a credit card;

In addition to questions about your finances, the site filters through your preferences for benefits offered by institutions

Step 6. You can add information about your current card in the comparison by selecting "Yes! I want to compare" and moving forward. If you do not want to, select "no" and go ahead;

The comparator also allows you to include your current card in the simulation

Step 7. For those who want to compare the current credit card, just type the name of the card in the search field and select "next";

The site gathers data from more than 100 cards of different flags and financial institutions

Step 8. The last question is related to your financial situation. Select the option that best fits and advance;

Your history is an important step in card decision

Step 9. Enter your name and email, or enter with your Facebook to have the final result;

The only personal data that the site asks for is name and email; you can also sign in with Facebook

Step 10. Ready. The simulator selected the best card for your financial situation tied to your preferences;

The ideal card appears next to your current card in the comparison, pointing out which would be the best choice

Step 11. When going down the page you can see the details of the card that was chosen by the comparison;

The benefits you selected appear in the expectation of return count

Step 12. As you continue scrolling the page, you will see, in order, what your other options are and the details of them when you click each one. Whenever miles or discounts are zeroed, these cards do not accumulate that kind of point.

When the annuity is zeroed it is because the card has no fee payment. The return expectation is the balance between how much you accrue miles plus the card discount when you subtract these annuity amounts.

The return expectation calculates what you would spend with annuity with what you would earn in miles and discounts

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