Dell Notebook: How to configure BIOS to boot from USB

Consumers who want to boot the Dell notebook using a pen drive or other USB device should enter the BIOS setup that is responsible for performing basic computer tasks. Changing the boot order of the system can be useful for installing Windows, Linux or using an important tool.

In branded laptops, the process is relatively simple and easy to perform. Check out, in the lines below, the step-by-step how to configure the BIOS of a Dell notebook to boot from USB. The tutorial was done on a Dell Inspiron 14 5000 Series, but holds true for virtually every device from the American manufacturer.

Updating the BIOS of a Dell Notebook

Learn how to set up the Dell Notebook BIOS to boot from USB

First of all, it is important to note that you must be very careful when you tinker with your computer's BIOS. Any mistaken changes may impair the performance of your notebook. So just change a BIOS setting if you have full confidence of what you are doing.

Step 1. Connect the pen drive or the USB drive to the corresponding input on your Dell notebook;

Connect the USB stick or USB drive to your Dell notebook

Step 2. Now restart the machine. To do this, go to the start menu, located in the lower left corner, click on the On / Off icon and then on "Restart";

Restart the Dell Notebook

Step 3. As soon as the Dell logo appears, press the F2 key several times;

Press the F2 key to enter the Dell Notebook BIOS

Step 4. On the main BIOS screen, look for the "Boot sequence" option;

Scroll to the option shown in the image

Step 5. Next, check the "Legacy" box and place the "USB Storage Device" in the first position in the list;

Configuring the Dell Notebook BIOS to boot from USB

Step 6. Here, just apply the changes by clicking the "Apply" button;

Save the changes by clicking on the button indicated in the image

Step 7. To finish, click on "Exit";

Ready! If everything happens as expected, on the next boot you can already use a pen drive or any USB device to boot your Dell notebook.

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