Fortnite: How to complete the basket basketball challenge in the game

Fortnite Battle Royale - Epic Games game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android - has a list of weekly challenges that reward players who can complete tasks proposed by the game. Among them is "Make a 3-point basket on different basketball courts, " where you need to find five of the sports fields scattered across the game map and hit long distance baskets.

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The challenge was launched in the second week of Season 5 of Fortnite Battle Royale, and requires that players have already unlocked the basketball, available at level 11 of the Gold Battle Pass, which is paid for.

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See how to complete the basketball basket challenge at Fortnite

Step 1. To complete the challenge, it is necessary to equip the "Basketball Ball" toy between the gestures of your character. You can do this in the "Dressing Room" tab of the Fortnite main menu;

Equip the Basketball Ball as one of your gestures in Fortnite

Step 2. When you find a block on the map, position yourself outside the three-point line and go to the gesture menu (down arrow on the controls or B on the keyboard) and select the ball to throw it;

Use the Basketball Ball gesture to throw it at Fortnite

Step 3. In order for the challenge to be valid, you must hit the pitches. Look at the post holding the basket table to perfectly align your shots. You can try as many times as necessary until you make the basket, which will be signaled by an explosion of confetti;

Your basket will be signaled by an explosion at Fortnite

Step 4. In total you need to hit five baskets of three points to complete the challenge, which guarantees five stars for the progress of your Gold Battle Pass. No specific order is required, and you can do as many baskets as you can in the same match, as long as you go to different courts.

Check out the exact location of five blocks on the Fortnite map to complete the challenge quickly:

Junk Crossing, on the left side of the map, has a block

One of the easiest blocks to find on the Fortnite Battle Royale map is at the Junk Crossing at the top left of the map (see photo above). This is a good option to practice your pitches without being bothered by many players.

One of the blocks is located in the Via do Varejo de Fortnite

One of the most heavily populated centers on the map, the Via do Varejo also hides a basketball court, where you can play part of your challenge. The place is in a very centralized part of the map, but it is usually crowded and players.

Torres Tortas Region has one block in Fortnite

Another very busy spot on the map that has its own basketball court are Tortas Towers, considered the most deadly area of ​​the game. The basket can be found at the top of the place, positioned on the left side.

There is a court between the Towers Tortas and Sniffing Margins of Fortnite

If you get your basket at the Torres Tortas and you have time to get to another block, the best option is a kind of metal shed, which sits between the towers and the Snobbands, further to the left side of the map.

One of Fortnite's blocks is in the Fat Swamp

The Fat Forest is also on the left side of Fortnite's map at the bottom. Continue to the point marked on the map (above) and search for the court, positioned at one end of the region, on the upper right side.

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