WhatsApp Audio: How to open and convert .opus to .mp3

WhatsApp audio files of type .opus need to be converted so the user can listen to them in a standard mobile player. The format is used by the messenger to save voice messages recorded by the handset's microphone, and is not recognized by ordinary sound players.

Conversion is required to get access to sounds even outside WhatsApp, a common situation when trying to retrieve information originated from the chat platform backup. The procedure is also indicated for users who are experiencing an audio problem in WhatsApp. In the following tutorial, learn how to transform Opus files into the well-known .mp3 extension.

Opus to Mp3 Converter makes WhatsAp audios compatible with any player

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Procedure on Android

Step 1. Download and install the Opus to MP3 Converter application on your Android phone. Open the app and select one of the options in the top menu: single converter to convert just one audio; or batch converter to turn multiple files at once. Then touch "Select Opus Files" and go to the file browser.

Import OPUS files from your phone

Step 2. Browse to the WhatsApp folder and go to the "Media" subfolder.

Access the WhatsApp media folder

Step 3. Under "WhatsApp Audio", select the check box next to the audio files in .opus format. The application will only allow you to select more than one item in batch converter mode.

Select WhatsApp audio files in .opus format

Step 4. The application will allow you to play the audios even before the conversion. Use the highlight buttons to give play and pause or delete from the list.

Give play in audios directly in the application

Step 5. To begin converting, tap "Convert to MP3" and select the folder to use to save the audio generated by the conversion.

Select destination folder to start conversion

Step 6. Next, the progress of the transformation can be tracked in the "My conversions" tab or through Android notifications.

Track the conversion progress

Step 7. At the end, the user can either play on the MP3 audio or send the converted file to the contacts via email and other apps.

Share converted audio to MP3 through other apps

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