Guitar tuning app: learn how to use GuitarTuna

The free application GuitarTuna is a tool that brings a digital tuner suitable to assist the process of tuning a guitar. Available on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, the service is ideal for professional musicians and students who still do not know how to tuning their instruments properly. The dynamic process via software offers the possibility to adjust the sound in any place and time, according to the user's need.

The free version of the application does not require any type of login or registration for the access of the tools. After installation, simply position the cell phone next to the guitar and use the indicators on the screen to increase or decrease the string tension until you reach the correct pitch. Here's how to use GuitarTuna to tune your guitar with your cell phone. The tips are for phone models with Google and Apple operating systems.

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GuitarTuna offers a digital tuner that helps users tune instruments using the cellphone

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Step 1. Install GuitarTuna from the GuitarTuna page. Open the application and tap the "Allow Microphone Access" button. Then go to "OK" to confirm the action;

Allow the GuitarTuna application to have access to the cellphone microphone

Step 2. To tune your guitar, choose the "Guitar" option. On the next screen, the tuner sensor will enter the listening mode. At this point, play the guitar string you want to tune. It is recommended that you begin the procedure by the severe "E" chord, the thickest of the instrument;

Choose an instrument and start the tuning process with the GuitarTune app

Step 3. Place the phone near the "mouth" of the instrument and use the slots to increase or decrease the tension of the string you want to tune. In automatic mode, the application identifies the string and uses the standard note for the correct setting as a reference.

Use the corresponding bit to increase or decrease string tension and watch out for the mobile pointer on the application screen. It serves as an indicator (centerline) for the proper sound of the instrument, and emits a sound when the string is tuned. Repeat this procedure on all strings. To see other settings, click on "Default tuning";

Check the tuning of a guitar with the GuitarTuna app for Android and iOS

Step 4. The user can play the notes notes on the screen and hear a reference sound for the tuning of each string. This action turns off the automatic tuning mode and makes the service work as a tuning fork, which emits the corresponding sound of each string being tuned. To return to automatic mode, click "Auto" to activate the key.

Turn on the manual tuning mode in the GuitarTuna app

Ready. Use the hint to tune your guitar or other instruments with the help of GuitarTuna for Android and iPhone phones.

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