How to Activate Power Saving Mode on Moto Z2 Play

The Moto Z2 Play has a 3, 000 mAh battery, with a full-day promise. In addition, the phone has fast charging, which guarantees up to seven hours of use with only 15 minutes in the socket, according to the manufacturer. However, if your smartphone battery does not last all day, you can turn on the Power Saving Mode to ensure a few more hours of use.

The following step-by-step teaches you how to turn on power save mode on your Motorola phone. Also, learn how to set a time for the feature to turn on automatically.

Moto Z2 Play: first impressions

Moto Z2 Play: in first impressions, smartphone does not show the one that came

Step 1. Scroll down the notification bar and access your smartphone settings. Scroll the screen and touch "Battery".

Access the battery settings in Moto Z2 Play

Step 2. Select "Battery Saving" and enable the feature in the key at the top of the screen.

Turn on battery power on Moto Z2 Play

Step 3. Under "Automatically activate", select when the mobile phone should enter this mode automatically. You can choose when it is 5% or 15% battery. If you choose "Never", the feature will only be activated when the user does it manually.

Set the automatic feature activation on Moto Z2 Play

To deactivate, simply undo the procedure from step 2.

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