How to use Sticky Notes online? Windows self-adhesive notes are on the web

Sticky Notes, the Windows 10 self-adhesive note application, can now sync your annotations in the cloud. The feature, which started being released to users this week, lets you access Post-it notes created from your personal computer anywhere on the web. The feature is ideal for browsing or adding notes when you're away from your PC.

In the following tutorial, check out how to use Microsoft self-adhesive notes through the browser. For annotations to sync with your computer, you need to have the latest version of the Sticky Notes app installed - learn how to update your PC apps.

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Learn how to use Microsoft self-adhesive notes on the web

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Step 1. Go to and, if necessary, log in to your Microsoft account. Your notes will be displayed in the left side panel;

Notes created on PC are synchronized on the web

Step 2. Click on a note to view or edit it. If you have many notes, you can use the search field to quickly find a note;

Searching notes

Step 3. To create new notes, use the "+" button to the right of the search field. The training tools are located in the annotation footer;

Creating a New Note

Step 4. Use the "..." button in the upper right corner of the note to change the background color or delete the annotation.

Changing color or excluding note

Ready! The notes created and edits made by the web will be automatically synchronized with your PC.

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