How to buy in the Free Market

Free Market has changed over the years and has simplified the online shopping process, but it can still confuse novice users. In addition to having its own terms, such as "express freight" (the famous Sedex) and "Mercado Pago", the site requires special care to research reliable sellers.

The advantage is that, after a few precautions (especially with games), it is easy to purchase products ranging from cell phones to clothes for an inviting price. See in the tutorial how to buy without headache in the Free Market.

How to qualify in Free Market

Mercado Livre is one of the most popular shopping sites in Brazil

Step 1. The first step is to look for sellers with good reputation on the site. The categories are based mainly on the valuations of their clients, in a qualification that increases according to the volume of negotiations carried out. The best ones are marked with the Leader Markets medals (60 or more sales), Gold Leader Market (280 or more sales) or Platinum Leader Market (more than 871 sales).

It is also important to give preference to sellers who accept Mercado Pago, the native payment system of the Free Market. When selecting this alternative transaction, the platform is responsible for intermediating the delivery of money to the seller, which occurs only if the buyer performs a positive qualification at the end of the process.

All this information is available on the product page, so read carefully the description of the item you want to buy and the vendor profile data.

Check the seller's reputation

Step 2. You can learn additional details through the question field integrated with the product page in the Free Market. It is advisable to wait for the seller's response before proceeding with the purchase.

Ask questions to ask questions in the Free Market

Step 3. Once you have decided to purchase the product, check the "Buy now" option next to the item image to start the process - the actual purchase will only be performed later.

Start the process of buying in Mercado Livre

Step 4. At the beginning of the purchase process, you must set the destination address of the product to calculate freight and delivery time. If you already have an address registered to your profile, the field is already filled in automatically. Otherwise you can click on "Add new address" or "Send to another address" to change the destination of the purchase.

Enter the delivery address on the LIvre Market website

Step 5. Once the address is defined, Mercado Livre Brasil will show freight options with price and term. Values ​​change depending on vendor offerings and advantages offered to customers who accumulate punctuation on the site. For small orders, forwarded by the Post Office, the "Normal" freight is PAC and the "Express" is Sedex.

Choose the type of freight offered by Mercado Livre

Step 6. Scroll to choose a card already added to your site account or select other forms of payment. The Mercado Mercado accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Hipercard, Elo and Diners Club, as well as the plastic issued by the ML itself. The site also allows you to pay with a ticket or with the balance of the Paid Market.

Choose the form of payment

Step 7. In the sequence, the user can inform the CPF that he wants to include in the Invoice. The function is useful when the purchase is a gift. Fill in the information and select "Continue" to proceed to the next step in the process.

CPF report for invoice

Step 8. Review address and shipping period, form of payment and detailed purchase price. At the end, if nothing needs to be fixed, complete the action in "Confirm Purchase" in the lower right corner of the screen.

Confirmation of payment occurs immediately via transfer of the Payment Market and may happen on time for credit card payments, although the term in the latter case also depends on the approval of the bank. Purchases made with ticket take from one to two business days to be identified.

Review information and confirm purchase

Step 9. After confirming the purchase, Free Market opens a chat window between the buyer and the seller. From there, you can get additional information, such as the product tracking code at the Post Office. At any time the user can follow the status of the transaction in the "Purchases" option of the main menu.

Talk to the seller after payment confirmation

How does Free Market product delivery work? Ask your questions in the Forum.