How to consult the voting polls at the TSE

The registration of voter searches conducted throughout Brazil can be consulted on the website of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). The information is useful to know more details about the company that did the electoral survey (IBOPE, Datafolha, among others), as was the data collection, besides what is published in the press - usually a summary of the results achieved by each candidate. It is also possible to have access to the methodology used and the questionnaire applied to the voters interviewed.

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The tip also serves as a way to avoid fake news, since any citizen can find out if a particular research released on social networks is real or false. In the following tutorial, check out how to check the register of voter-intent searches in the 2018 elections on the TSE website.

Learn to consult details of the 2018 Election Voting Survey

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Step 1. Go to the TSE's website (, and then select "General Elections 2018". Right below, choose the state in which the search was performed. If you want, you can also add other data, such as municipality and company contracted;

Search for registered searches on the website of the Superior Electoral Court

Step 2. After clicking "Search", the results will be displayed on the screen. Click on the magnifying glass icon on the right to view the details of the selected search;

Open the desired search details from the TSE website

Step 3. On the details page, you can access the information of the company responsible for the survey, the positions surveyed, date of data collection, methodology used and statistics about the interviewed public;

View survey data from the TSE website

Step 4. At the bottom of the page, click "View completed questionnaire applied or to be applied" to download the PDF file with all questions asked to the people interviewed.

Download the questionnaire applied to interviewees from the TSE website

Ready. Take advantage of the tip and have more information about the polls for the 2018 elections in Brazil.

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