How to access WhatsApp from any screen on your phone

Flychat is an Android app that lets you use various messengers, like WhatsApp, from any screen on your phone. This is possible because of the floating bubble system, which works similarly to Facebook Messenger, overlapping other applications. That way, you can view and even chat in WhatsApp without leaving Facebook and YouTube, among others.

An extra advantage of the app is to enable the user to send the messages without the "Writing" or "Online" warning on the contact's phone. As we explained earlier, Flychat is also an option to write invisibly in WhatsApp.

See how to use Flychat to use WhatsApp without leaving other apps

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Want to know how to use the application on mobile? Check out the following lines. The procedure was performed on a Moto G5S Plus with Android Nougat (7.1.1).

Step 1. After installing Flychat on Android, open the app and activate the "Receive notifications" key. The system notification settings are then displayed. Activate the Flychat button.

Granting Flychat access to app notifications on Android

Step 2. Tap the "Allow" button to confirm Flychat's access to notifications. Then return to the application and press the button with a check mark in the lower right corner.

Flychat home screen after all access permissions are released on Android

Step 3. The Flychat main screen will show all the messengers installed on your mobile and that are compatible with the service. To use WhatsApp from any screen, activate the key next to the name of the messenger. When someone sends you a message, a floating balloon will appear on the application you are currently using (in this example, Facebook).

Flychat Floating Balloon with WhatsApp Talk

Step 4. You can tap the floating bubble and chat through WhatsApp chat without leaving the other application. In this example, note that Facebook is open to the background. To remove the Flychat bubble from the screen, hold it down and drag it to the trash button.

Talk on WhatsApp without leaving Facebook using Flychat

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