How to generate the QR Code for mobile access in the SINE Easy app

SINE Fácil is an app from the Ministry of Labor that offers job vacancies and other resources. The free service can be accessed via QR Code on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The code can be obtained in three ways: the unemployment insurance document, the Sine (National Employment System) and the Emprega Brasil portal. This last option can be used by anyone, just have the cadastre in Cidadã

The platform is useful because it helps the user to save time, since it can perform all actions remotely via the Internet. The tutorial below teaches how to generate the QR Code for mobile access in the site Emprega Brasil, besides the login in the application SINE Easy. The procedure was performed with a Google device, but the instructions also fit for Apple's smartphones.

Google tool helps find work; see how to use

Learn how to generate the QR Code to sign in to SINE Easy, app for Android and iOS phones

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Step 1. In order to generate the QR Code in the Emprega Brasil portal, it is first necessary to register on the Cidadã platform. If you do not have the registration, follow the steps in this tutorial. Then, go to the Emprega Brasil website ( and click on "Enter";

Access the Emprega Brasil portal to login

Step 2. On the new screen, click the "Enter" or "I already have" buttons - both open the same window;

Log in to the online platform Cidadã

Step 3. Enter your CPF and password, check the box "I am not a robot" and then go to "Enter";

Access the Emprega Brasil portal with registration data at Cidadã

Step 4. Next, click on "I authorize" to allow Employ Brasil to access your personal and work data;

Grant permission for access to personal data through the Emprega Brasil portal

Step 5. The tools of the Emprega Brasil portal will be displayed. Click on "QR Code";

Enter the QR Code creation tool in the Emprega Brasil portal

Step 6. Portal Emprega Brasil will generate a QR Code for access via smartphone, with which it is possible to access the SINE Fácil app;

Use the QR Code to access the easy SINE mobile platform

Step 7. Now open the SINE Easy app and select the "Enter QR Code" option. Then place the QR code on the computer screen within the green area indicated in the application to read;

Read the QR code of the Emprege Brasil portal to sign in to the SINE Fácil application

Step 8. Ready. The SINE Easy app will open with all the features on your phone.

Navigate through all SINE Easy application functions from QR code

Take the hint and use the Easy SINE application to find the right job for you.

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