Know the meaning of all the new emojis of 2018

The emoji of 2018 have been released to businesses recently. From there, manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Google begin to develop their own "little faces" based on the standard provided by Emojipedia. In all there are 62 new figures that include animals, human body parts and even hair options.

They are expected to arrive in the second half for applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook, but also on native iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. Next, know the names of the emojis according to the Emojipedia and understand the meaning of each one.

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Faces and characters

New faces and characters among the emoji of 2018

  1. Smiling Face With Three Hearts: A new way to symbolize who is in love. The name indicates three hearts, but it is seen that, in fact, there are four;
  2. Hot Face: represents someone who is in a high temperature environment, with heat;
  3. Cold Face: shows someone cold, the opposite of Hot Face, ;
  4. Partying Face: emoji ideal to refer to celebrations and parties in general;
  5. Woozy Face ( face dizzy ): represents someone drunk;
  6. Pleading Face: someone who asks for something;
  7. Superhero: As its name suggests, it's a superhero. This emoji is available in all skin tones;
  8. Supervillain: Would it be Superhero's enemy villain? It also has all skin tones.

Body parts and clothing

New parts of the human body and garments

  1. Leg: a full leg, including the thigh and foot;
  2. Foot: a human foot, also complete;
  3. Bone: this bone can represent a human part or any other animal;
  4. Tooth: a human tooth;
  5. Goggles: a goggle, of the type used in construction;
  6. Lab Coat: a lab coat worn by scientists;
  7. Hiking Boot: a boot used to make a trail;
  8. Flat Shoe: A shoe, usually worn by women.


All animals entered by Emojipédia

  1. Raccon: known in Brazil as raccoon;
  2. Llama: llama, typical animal of the Andes;
  3. Hippopotamus: hippopotamus, one of the largest mammals on Earth;
  4. Kangaroo: kangaroo, symbol of Australia;
  5. Badger: known in Brazil as Badger, is a distant cousin of possums;
  6. Swan: swan;
  7. Peacock: peacock;
  8. Parrot: parrot;
  9. Lobster: lobster;
  10. Mosquito;
  11. Microbe.


New foods come on the list of emojis 2018

  1. Mango;
  2. Leafy Green: represents vegetables in general;
  3. Bagel: a type of donut without cover, different from donut;
  4. Moon Cake: Chinese-origin cake eaten at the Autumn Festival celebrations. Inside it is found a salted egg yolk, which symbolizes the full moon;
  5. Cupcake;
  6. Salt shaker.


Compass, brick and skateboard are on the list of new emojis

  1. Compass;
  2. Brick;
  3. Skateboard;
  4. Luggage: travel bag with wheels;
  5. Firecracker: fireworks used in celebrations, with dynamite format;
  6. Red Gift Envelope: red wrapping with gold inscriptions. It is used in China and other Asian countries to give money at parties such as wedding and anniversary;
  7. Softball: baseball similar to baseball that was part of the Olympics until 2008;
  8. Flying Disc: also known as frisbee;
  9. Lacrosse: popular sport cue and ball in the United States and Canada;
  10. Nazar Amulet: amulet that protects against evil eye. Known in Brazil as a Turkish eye.

Imam, fire extinguisher and test tube will be present among emoji

  1. Jigsaw: puzzle piece;
  2. Teddy Bear: Teddy Bear;
  3. Abacus: abacus is an instrument used to make calculations;
  4. Receipt;
  5. Toolbox: toolbox;
  6. Magnet;
  7. Test tube;
  8. Petri Dish: petri dish used in laboratories;
  9. DNA;
  10. Fire extinguisher.

Brooms, toilet paper and soap are among the approved

  1. Lotion Bottle: container that holds creams as a moisturizer or sunscreen;
  2. Spool of thread;
  3. Ball of thread;
  4. Pin used to fasten diapers;
  5. Broom;
  6. Laundry basket;
  7. Toilet paper roll;
  8. Soap;
  9. Sponge.

New types of hair

New Hair Types Reach Emoji

The emoji of man and woman also gain new types of hair. In addition to red and curly, Emojipedia now included gray and bald emoji.

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