Tinder Loops: How to Add 'Boomerang Style' Video in Profile

Tinder lets you add a custom GIF to your platform profile photos. Available on Android and iPhone (iOS), the Tinder Loops feature lets you choose a video in your phone's library and edit length and speed to look like an Instagram "Boomerang Style" clip.

The feature does not allow you to open your phone's camera to record a video in real time. So, it should be filmed before, and imported into the app from the gallery. On iPhone, Live Photos are also compatible with the tool. Check out the following tutorial on how to use Tinder Loops to create a GIF on the avatar and highlight your profile to win more matches in the relationship app.

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Tutorial shows how to use Tinder Loops to add a GIF to your profile photo in the network of relationships

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Step 1. Open Tinder and touch the avatar icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Then press the camera icon below your photo;

Action to access Tinder's video upload tool

Step 2. Touch "Videos" in the lower bar of options to filter the files that appear for upload in the library of your mobile. To proceed, choose the video you want to add to your profile;

Action to select a video to add in Tinder Loops mode

Step 3. The video will be presented in loop format (repeat). You can increase or decrease the playback speed by using the icon in the lower right corner of the player. To select a specific section for the loop, use a finger to drag the selection indication to the desired location. Only the area selected in red will be used. To proceed and create the loop, tap the "View loop" option;

Action to edit a video from your phone to create a Tinder Loop in your network profile

Step 4. You can choose to highlight the loop in your profile by keeping the "Place as featured in my profile" function selected. To upload the media, touch "Add to Profile" and wait for the upload to finish.

Action to add a Tinder Loop to your profile in the network of relationships

Take the hint to add relaxed GIFs and draw attention to your Tinder profile.

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