Twitch TV Prime: How to Cancel Service After Free Trial

Twitch TV Prime is the premium version of the streaming service, the result of a partnership with Amazon Prime Video. The platform is available for web and in-app for Android and iPhone (iOS) and promises several benefits to its subscribers, as unique items for games. Twitch TV Prime offers a free trial period of seven days. Tested the service but did not want to keep the contract? Here's how to unsubscribe and avoid charges on your card.

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Step 1. Access the Amazon Prime Video website by downloading at;

Access the web version of Amazon Prime Video by downloading the

Step 2. In the top bar, click "log in", located in the upper right corner;

Sign in to Amazon Prime Video

Step 3. On the login screen, enter your information and proceed;

Enter your data in the login screen

Step 4. After the page loads, click again in the upper right corner and select the "account and settings" option;

Click next to the search to access the settings

Step 5. On the next page, your Prime Video subscription will be shown, with information about the next charge. Click Quit Application;

Click terminate subscription

Step 6. In the new screen, the service will give two options, with one of them to end the registration at the end date of the free period. Select this option;

Close sign-up

Step 7. The settings page will notify you that your application will be closed by the deadline of the testing period;

The page will notify you of the subscription cancellation

Step 8. You can also withdraw your credit card saved on the service. To do this, click on "add / edit payment methods" on the same page;

Now also remove your credit card details

Step 9. Your card used for service registration will be listed. Click Delete and confirm the operation.

Delete the current payment method

Following the procedure, your Twitch Prime subscription will be scheduled to close at the end of the trial period. Since Twitch Prime is the result of a partnership with Amazon Prime Video, all you have to do is just cancel Amazon Prime, which will automatically terminate the Twitch Prime subscription. Remember that your Amazon Prime Video account will still be linked to Twitch TV, however, without costs and without the Prime service.

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