2018 World Cup Album: How to use codes to win packages

The 2018 World Cup Virtual Album is a version with virtual figurines of the Russian World Cup for web, Android and iOS. It became a fever that took over the pre-competition period. While in real life you need to use real money to get new packages, in the game you get everything for free. See how:

Many parcels

First of all, you need to remember that by day you get two virtual packages for free. However, it is possible to have a much larger amount through virtual codes and others that come on the actual cards.

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2018 World Cup Virtual Album: how to use codes to win new cards

Every real card of the assembled selection brings in its verse a 12-digit code that entitles to a virtual figurine package. To rescue him, simply follow the steps:

Step 1. In the game's main screen, go to Redeem Code;

2018 World Cup Virtual Album: learn how to redeem the codes

Step 2. Now enter your code in the blank field;

2018 World Cup Virtual Album: Enter the code in the blank field

Step 3. Ready! Now your badge package has been redeemed and is available to be opened. Remembering that there is a limit of five per day, it is necessary to wait for the time shown on the main screen.

Virtual Album of the 2018 World Cup: rescue the codes to win cards

List of codes

There is also a series of codes available on Panini, FIFA and Coca Cola (sponsor of the competition) social networks. They are revealed from time to time and some may already be used. Check the list:


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