'Your windows license will expire soon'; see how to solve the error

Windows is a paid system, and to work properly, it needs to be activated with Microsoft. If the user does not perform this operation, the system displays the message "Your Windows license expires soon, " which must be resolved by entering the product key or digital license. However, an error in updating Windows 10 (version 1607 or later) causes this message to appear even though the system has previously been registered.

Another common cause for the failure is the exchange of hardware parts, such as the motherboard, which may cause Windows to not find the corresponding license for the computer. The following tutorial shows how to solve the problem in both cases, remembering that in any situation, you will need to have the product key or digital license. The procedure was performed on a notebook with Windows 10.

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Here's how to get the error message 'Your Windows license expires soon'

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Activation with Product Key or Digital License

Step 1. Click the Start button and select "Settings";

Path to Settings panel in Windows 10

Step 2. Scroll down and enter "Update and Security";

Highlight for Update and Security menu in Windows 10 settings

Step 3. In the sidebar, select "Activation". If you do not have a product key - a string of 25 characters in the format XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX -, select "Add an account" and enter your Microsoft account to activate the digital license. If you have the product key, choose "Enter the product key" or "Change the product key". Then enter the code and press "Next";

Activating Windows 10 through Product Key

Step 4. It will take a few seconds for Windows to display the message that it has been activated.

Fixing error in Windows 10

Step 1. To fix failures in Windows 10 activation, type "cmd" in the search bar, right-click "Command Prompt" and select "Run as administrator";

Opening Windows 10 Command Prompt as Administrator

Step 2. Enter the command "slmgr.vbs / ipk" (without the quotation marks) and enter;

Command for installing the Windows 10 product key

Step 3. A box with the message "Product key" will open successfully. Press "OK" to return to the Command Prompt and enter the command "slmgr.vbs / skms kms.xspace.in" and press enter;

Command to rename the PC in the product key management service

Step 4. Wait for a few seconds until Windows displays the "Successfully defined key management services machine name" message. Click "OK", enter the command "slmgr.vbs / ato" and enter.

Then, a box will appear stating that Windows 10 is enabled. The error message "Your windows license expires soon" has been resolved.

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