IPVA 2019 Pernambuco: how to generate the ticket and pay at the Detran-PE website

The IPVA 2019 of Pernambuco is available for payment on the Detran-PE website. The Vehicle Licensing document 2019, which is composed, in addition to the Motor Vehicle Tax (IPVA), Compulsory Insurance (DPVAT) and Fire and Licensing fees. To renew the document, you must also remove traffic tickets that are expired. The ticket is generated from the query of the license plate of the vehicle, being necessary to have in hand, also the CPF or CNPJ number of the owner.

Payment of IPVA can be made in a single installment, with a discount of 7% on the total amount, or in three monthly installments. All other fees must be paid on the first due date, including posting documents - check the complete schedule at the end of the story. This year, Banco do Brasil account holders can carry out the procedure through internet banking (either by PC or mobile phone) or in self-service terminals. In the following tutorial, learn how to generate the IPVA 2019 ticket in Pernambuco through the Detran-PE website.

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Calculation of the IPVA value takes into account the vehicle's value and the date of manufacture

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Step 1. Access the Detran-PE website (detran.pe.gov.br) and enter the vehicle license plate in the "Vehicle" field. Then press the "Browse" button;

Searching for a vehicle license plate on the Detran-PE website

Step 2. On the next screen, mark the captcha and check "Confirm";

Detran-PE website requires confirmation to access vehicle data

Step 3. With the vehicle document open, select the option "Query / Print Debits";

Detran-PE shows the IPVA next to the debits of the vehicles

Step 4. You will see the detailed licensing fees on the screen. To print the tickets, scroll down and enter the owner's CPF or CNPJ number. Then press "Debits split";

Detran-PE only issues IPVA tickets after information of the owner's CPF or CNPJ number

Step 5. Select all the fees you want to pay by checking each item. After the selection, select "Print Debits" to download the tickets on the computer.

IPVA 2019 rates tickets can be printed separately on the Detran-PE website

Banco do Brasil Customers

To access the IPVA 2019 tickets in the Banco do Brasil channels, simply open the "Payments" section, select the "No barcode" option and access "IPVA / Detran rates". You must have the CPF or CNPJ of the owner of the vehicle.

Detran-PE and Banco do Brasil have a partner for easy payment of IPVA

Payment schedule for IPVA 2019 in Pernambuco

Deadline for payment of IPVA 2019 in Pernambuco

Last digit of vehicle license plateDeadline for single quota (with 7% discount)1st installment2nd installment3rd installment
1 and 208/02/201908/02/201903/08/201904/09/2019
3 and 402/12/201902/12/201903/03/201904/04/2019
5 and 602/19/201902/19/201903/19/201904/16/2019
7 and 802/22/201902/22/201903/22/201904/23/2019
9 and 002/28/201902/28/201903/29/201904/30/2019
Source: Detran-PE slide to see the content

Via Detran-PE

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