Android app has Android installed malware factory installed

RottenSys is a malware for Android recently discovered by Check Point Research that attracted attention by factory installed in 5 million smartphones, including brands Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Gionee. Disguised as a harmless application for Wi-Fi management, the threat works in the background to free up system permissions to ad networks. Unbeknownst to the user, the virus downloads adware that displays bulk ad banners on the device screen, including pop-ups and full-screen pages.

Although RottenSys remains camouflaged on the phone, it is simple to remove as soon as it is identified. Ashampoo software maker has released an application that tracks the cell phone to tell if your cell phone is infected and offer a quick one-touch solution. Here's how to use it in the steps below.

RottenSys Checker verifies that Android is infected by malware

What Google has done to make Android more secure

Step 1. Download and install the free RottenSys Checker for Android. Then open the app and tap the "Check now" central button to look for a threat. The application issues a positive alert if the phone is secure. The program may suggest other apps at this time, but the download is optional and unrelated to the RottenSys malware.

Use RottenSys Checker to find out if your cell phone is infected

Step 2. In case of infection by RottenSys, the app issues a red alert warning. In that case, you can eliminate the threat on the screen with a "Delete" touch and leave your mobile phone safe again.

If device is infected with RottenSys, Ashampoo app lets you delete it on time

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