How to choose a portable charger? See tips and models for sale in Brazil

Portable chargers are an almost mandatory accessory these days. Cellphones, tablets, notebooks and even Bluetooth speakers are some of the devices that consume a lot of energy, but they make more sense when they are away from the power outlet. However, external batteries have many variants that interfere with quality and price, causing consumer doubts at the time of purchase.

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To solve this problem, the gathered tips on how to choose a portable charger that meets your needs. Check below and see which is the best model for sale in Brazil for you.

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Here's how to choose the ideal portable charger for your need

Note the connector

The first thing to note is the type of connector on your device. If you want an external battery for mobile, most models with USB input will work, considering that this is the standard most used by the Android smartphone manufacturers.

Still, you have to keep an eye on compatibility. The most obvious case is Apple, which uses the Lightning connector instead of USB. It should be noted that the connection was introduced in the iPhone 5. The older phones have a 30-pin connector and therefore require different chargers.

Portable iPhone 4S Case and Charger with 30-Pin Connector

Nokia and other manufacturers have long adopted a thin-tipped charger, seen primarily in older feature phones. Even in today's Android phones it is necessary to be careful if the manufacturer uses the microUSB or has already incorporated the USB type C, patterns not interchangeable with each other.

To circumvent the problem, the user can choose to buy adapters. Models with different versions of USB or USB to Lightning are the most common, but there are also cables for other combinations.

CP-ABLP150 cable with microUSB-Lightning adapter from Sony

The external batteries with USB plug also end up serving for speakers, e-readers and other devices. However, if your need is for a notebook, the safest is to get a specific charger for the brand in question. If it is not possible, choose a model that brings USB type A, since the port is present in almost all the laptops.

Set the capacity that will meet your need

After analyzing the connector, check the battery of your device. Knowing the value in mAh (milliampere hours) is fundamental to choosing the portable charger, since the accessory must be able to give at least a complete charge in the device.

Power Bank Ultra Slim, for example, is a charger case for iPhone 4S of 10, 000 mAh, enough to charge the cell phone almost seven times. Already to Ye !! Energy Pocket, which has the Lightning connector, has 3, 000 mAh. The capacity is much lower, but still allows to give a full charge on the iPhone X, whose battery has 2, 716 mAh.

Ye's External Battery Energy Pocket brings lightning connector for iPhone use

Considering the power consumption of the current smartphones, Sony establishes as a general rule that 5, 800 mAh is equivalent to one and a half charge for personal use; 10, 000 mAh equals two and a half charges for professional use; and 20, 000 mAh equals five charges, and can be used by different devices. These values ​​can be used as a parameter, but it is imperative to check the battery of your phone before buying the extra charger.

The same rule applies to the external battery of notebooks and other devices. Keep in mind also that the charge transfer itself spends energy. Thus, an accessory with 10, 000 mAh will not be able to pass all this capacity to the device, because a part will be lost during the charging process.

Dell PW7015L Notebook Car Charger, 18, 000 mAh


It is never too much trouble to hit the security button. That means: flee pirate or unmarked shippers. These devices are most likely not tested and may present a number of risks, ranging from overheating your device to explosions.

If you are buying a product in Brazil, look for the Anatel label. The agency adopts strict standards in its tests, which avoids short circuits and other technical problems. The stamp is required on mobile chargers, but may be missing in batteries for other handsets. In the latter case, look for certifications such as those of Inmetro, also required by national legislation.

If you want to buy the charger in the international market, prioritize well-known brands. Sony, Samsung, TP-Link, Asus, Pineng and other manufacturers in this category comply with international security standards, ensuring the purchase of a reliable product.

Buy Anatel certified chargers and known brands

Charging socket

Almost no portable charger comes with the plug adapter; usually they only come with the USB cable. This means that you should already have the adapter that goes in the wall - which happens in most cases - or you will need to charge the external battery in the notebook or PC.

In the first situation, it is interesting to check the power of your adapter. If it is an older 5W model, you will face many hours to fully charge a 20, 000 mAh battery, for example. The second situation is even worse, since the computer loading is quite slow.

With this in mind, look up the watts in your wall adapter specs. Often it is interesting to buy a kit with extra battery and charger - in this case choose models with at least 15W.

Check the power of the power adapter before buying an external battery

Cost benefit

With so many variables - capacity, technology, safety certifications, power, compatibility -, portable chargers have an extensive price range. It is possible to find models from R $ 10 to R $ 1 thousand. Therefore, it is important to be aware not to pay too much without necessity nor to buy a cheap that will be expensive in the future.

In the national market, one of the best cost-benefits is the Pineng brand. The Power Bank Original Slim PN-951, which has 10, 000 mAh, sells for about $ 50. A model with double capacity, with the PN-917, is found for about $ 90. Other good options for are the Sony CP-VA3, which costs $ 70 and has a positive light design, and the Xiaomi Powerbank Pro of 20, 000 mAh, which comes out for $ 150.

20, 000 mAh Power Bank Pineng Slim PN-917 Portable Power Charger

For Dell notebooks, a good choice is the 18, 000 mAh PW7015L portable charger that costs $ 700. It has two ports for different versions of laptops and also has two USB ports, allowing you to charge smartphones, tablets and other devices with the including notebooks from other brands.

Another alternative is to buy a model with doors of several manufacturers as it is the case of the Jumper Tank, of the Gorilla Shield. The accessory has a 13, 000 mAh battery and priced at around R $ 200 in the national retail.

1300 mAh Jumper Tank Notebook Car Charger

Vehicle chargers are not a good external battery, but they can be a cheap option to charge your phone and tablet during transit. Models with USB input from trusted manufacturers, such as Belkin, cost about $ 15. Generic brands - and therefore not recommended - can be found from $ 4.

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