Badoo: how to use the relationship app on PC and mobile

Badoo is a social network that allows finding people who are around to start a friendship or dating relationship. The format is very similar to Tinder, where you can choose people anonymously from a virtual catalog, but you can also discover new contacts in non-anonymous ways, such as inviting to private chat or enjoying profiles.

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The social network is free and is available on the computer, by the browser, and has application to download on Android and iPhone (iOS). Registration is done quickly and you can sign in via Facebook or by using an email address. Here's how to use the key features of Badoo on your PC and smartphone to find new people for a relationship.

Badoo social network works on the computer and on the mobile

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How to use Badoo over the computer

Step 1. Access the Badoo page in Downloads and press the "access" option;

Step 2. On the Badoo website, sign in using your Facebook or email, or create a new account by clicking the "Create profile" button in the upper right corner of the screen;

Creating a new Badoo account from your computer

Step 3. Fill out the form with your personal data, create a password and finish in "Register";

By filling out the registration form on the Badoo website

Step 4. Add a profile photo to your Badoo. You can select files from your computer or import from Facebook or Instagram;

You need to add a profile photo to complete the Badoo profile

Step 5. A confirmation email will be sent to your address. Sign in to your mailbox and confirm your Badoo account activation. You will be redirected back to the site and you will be able to use it;

Confirm your Badoo registration through your email

Step 6. On the homepage, you will see your suitors, with photos and personal data. Press the heart icon to like the profile, or the "X" icon to dismiss it. Selecting the heart icon with arrow, you will send a "Paquera", and the person will know that you liked the profile of her;

Evaluating a suitor profile on the Badoo website

Step 7. In the "People Near" tab, in the side menu, you will find profiles of suitors that are in locations close to you. You can evaluate them, start a chat and view their details by accessing the photos;

Badoo's site shows people interesting about the user

Step 8. In the "Live" section you will find people making real-time broadcasts on Badoo. Press one of the photos to open the video;

Badoo website shows live broadcasts of users

Step 9. You can interact in lives with comments in the bar on the right;

Live streaming on Badoo allows you to receive comments

Step 10. In the "Messages" tab, you will see your Badoo chats open and you can chat with your contacts;

Badoo website shows active user conversations with suitors

Step 11. In the "Connections" tab, you will see your "Matches";

Badoo website shows matches and connections

Step 12. Tapping on your photo or your name, in the side menu, you can edit the profile and insert new photos and personal information.

Editing a Badoo profile through the social networking site

How to use Badoo on a mobile phone

Step 1. Access the Badoo page in Downloads. Select from the menu your mobile operating system to be redirected to the device's application store;

Select your mobile operating system model

Step 2. Once the app is installed, to sign in to Badoo, you can create a new registration or access through Facebook or email data. To create a new account, please enter your gender. Then enter your name and go to "Continue";

Creating a new Badoo account from your mobile phone

Step 3. Enter your date of birth and go to "Continue". On the next page, enter your email;

Creating a new Badoo account from your mobile phone

Step 4. You need to add a profile photo to continue. To do this, touch the "+" icon. You can capture a photo on the fly, upload a gallery file or select one from Facebook or Instagram;

Entering a profile picture of Badoo

Step 5. Finally, create an access password and select "Start";

Creating a Badoo profile password on mobile

Step 6. You will see your suitors on the screen. To like the profile anonymously, touch the heart icon. To dismiss it, touch the "X" icon. Dragging the photo to the corresponding sides will have the same effect. By touching the heart icon with arrow, you will send a "Flirt", and the person will know that you liked her profile. By dragging the card up, you can view details of the applicant's profile with other photos and personal information of interest;

Evaluate Badoo suitors by cell phone by approving or rejecting profile

Step 7. Touching the "globe" icon in the main menu, you will see a catalog with several people close to you. Touch the profile of one of them to see their details;

Badoo shows interesting people close to you

Step 8. In the message balloon icon, you will see your combinations, active conversations, likes received and visits to your profile;

Badoo brings together all the conversations and likes received by the application

Step 9. In the radar icon, you can watch live broadcasts by people close to you. To make your own broadcast, go to "Start live video". To watch a live, touch the desired photo. You can comment and send emojis from the bottom menu;

Badoo has live broadcasts and allows for interaction with users.

Step 10. Touch the profile icon to fill in your personal information and select the pencil icon in the upper right corner. You can enter more photos and complete data;

Editing user profile on Badoo on mobile

Step 11. To hide your profile without permanently removing the account, so that it is not displayed as a contact evaluation option, go to the gear icon, then "Account". Finally, enable the "Hide Account" key.

Hiding a profile on Badoo without removing the account forever

Ready. Take the hint to find new people for friendships and dating over the Internet.

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