Canceling order on iFood

IFood allows you to cancel food orders already made. However, unlike other service apps, the cancel option is not displayed right away on the main screens. The procedure is also not done entirely within the application; it is necessary to call the restaurant to finalize the suspension a delivery.

If you have regretted an order on iFood and do not know how to cancel delivery, follow the guidance in this tutorial prepared by TechTudo . The steps were made from a Moto G5S Plus smartphone running Android 7.1.1, but can be played on other Android devices and on the iPhone (iOS).

Learn how to cancel iFood applications through the app

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Step 1. Open iFood and choose your dish. If it is the first time you use the app, create a registration before within the app itself. When you are finished with the order, press the "Choose payment method" button and select the way you will pay.

Food request from iFood application

Step 2. By touching the "Order" button, you will confirm the delivery with the restaurant. The application will immediately show a request tracking screen. While the 'check' signal is in 'Realized', it means that the restaurant is evaluating payment and delivery data.

Ordered food made at iFood but not confirmed by restaurant

Step 3. The request is only confirmed when the app displays this topic with checked 'check'. Both in this step and in the previous one, with the status "Realized", you can cancel the order. To do this, first tap the "Order Details" link and then press the "Call Restaurant" button.

Link to order details made in the iFood app

Step 4. Check the "Cancel order" option and press the "Call restaurant" button. Your phone's connection application will already be opened with the establishment's telephone, and it is only necessary to place the call normally. The restaurant will know who the user is calling and the contact is being made to cancel the request.

Request cancellation link made by the iFood app

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