Enem 2018: how to know the place of proof

The announcement of the place of proof of the Enem 2018 was made by Inep on Monday (22). To see where to take the exam, the student must access the Enem portal and enter the participant's page. It is necessary to know the CPF and the password of registration in the site to obtain the confirmation card.

This document includes the address of the place of proof, and the file must be printed and presented on the day of the examination, along with the personal documents. Follow the steps below to find out how to see the Enem 2018 test location.

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Check out how to see the Enem 2018 test location through the participant's page

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Step 1. In any browser, go to the Enem portal (inep.gov.br) and press the "Know your test location" button;

First page of Enem 2018

Step 2. On the next screen, select "Participant Page";

Go to the participant page

Step 3. Next, enter your CPF, the registered password and respond to the captcha so the system knows that you are not a bot. Then, press "Send";

Enter your CPF

Step 4. The website will then present a window with DST guidelines. Check the box "I have read and understood the message" and then press "Close";

Daylight Saving Time warning page

Step 5. An Attendance Term will then be displayed that the student should read and agree to. Click again on "I have read and understood the message" and then "Close";

Read about the terms of attendance

Step 6. The system will then present the candidate's confirmation card, with all information such as proof location, timetable and instructions that must be followed. Read with attention;

Candidate card in the Enem 2018

Step 7. To finish, scroll down the page and print this card. It should be presented on the day of the test with the personal documents. To do this, press the "Print Confirmation Card" button at the bottom of the page.

Click the button to print the card

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