Enem 2018: How to use the Desisplica Simulator Sisu

Descomplica offers a simulator of Sisu 2019 for the candidate to know if they have gone to the university they wish to do. To do this, students must insert their Enem 2018 grade and the desired course, so that the site compares the results with the cut marks recorded in the previous year. The simulator does not inform the final result of the student and only serves to indicate the chances of entry.

The result of the 2018 Enem was announced on Friday (18) and the inscriptions on Sisu take place next Tuesday (22) until Friday (25). According to the Ministry of Education, in this edition will be available 235, 476 places in universities, institutes and public education centers throughout the country. Check out the following, how to use the Sisu 2019 simulator from Descomplica.

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Step 1. Access the Sisu Descomplica Simulator website (descomplica.com.br/sisu) and press the "Simulate Now!" Button;

Accessing the Sisu Simulator from the Descomplica website

Step 2. Complete the registration with your personal data to create an account in Descomplica. You can also sign in using information from Facebook or Google. Finish in the option "Register in Descomplica";

You must complete the Descomplica website to access the Sisu Simulator

Step 3. In field 1, state the status and course you want to study, and the enrollment mode, which can be "wide competition" or through the quota system. In field 2, report your grades obtained in Enem 2018, separated by field of study. Finish by pressing the "Simulate Now" option;

Descomplica uses cutting notes from the previous year to simulate Sisu's 2019 notes

Step 4. Look at the simulation results screen.

Sisu simulator predicts whether student will perform well

Ready. Take the hint to forecast your performance on the Enem 2018.

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