How to learn songs on guitar by cell phone

The Cifra Club app lets your users learn how to play new songs on the guitar by their smartphone or tablet. Available free of charge for iPhone (iOS) and Android and without needing login and password, the tool is ideal for beginners or people with advanced knowledge in the instrument and who wish to learn new chords and songs more easily.

The platform allows you to change the tone of the encrypted songs, has a player to listen to the original version of the song and has function that automatically scrolls the descriptions on the screen so that the user can follow the chord transitions without touching the cell phone.

Tutorial shows how to use the Cifra Club app to learn songs on your phone and tablet

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Step 1. Open the Cifra Club app and go to the search bar at the top of the screen. Then type the name of an artist and touch the corresponding result.

Action to find ciphers of a song in the Cifra Club app

Step 2. Touch one of the artist's songs to open the cipher on the screen. At this point, use the "Listen" button to play the song if you like musical accompaniment to learn to play. The "Tone" option lets you change the pitch of the song in the ciphers to match the harmonic field to your voice. You can also use the "Scrolling" feature so that the figures are displayed on the screen while you play the chords on the guitar.

Action to open a song cipher in the Club Cifra app

Step 3. When you touch "Tone", a frame with notes will appear on the screen. Touch the tone appropriate to your voice so you can sing while playing the song. Confirm the change in the "OK" button. If scrolling is enabled, use the slider at the bottom of the screen to set the transition speed.

Action to change the tone of the ciphers and use the scroll option of the Cifra Club app

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