Facebook: How to make live audio streaming on mobile

Facebook allows your users to start streaming live audio from their mobile phone. The Live Audio feature, released in December 2016, is available in the Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile app. Without displaying camera images, the feature still allows people to tag in the post and perform actions like deleting or saving a replay on the timeline.

If you want to launch podcasts or start live conversations with friends and followers of your Facebook profile, follow the steps in the tutorial below.

Live audio lets you start streaming live audio on Facebook via mobile

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Step 1. Open Facebook and touch the "Live" button. Then disable the images by tapping the camera icon at the top of the screen.

Option to set up a live audio broadcast on Facebook

Step 2. At this point, touch the photo icon in the upper right corner of the screen, select an image from your phone and go to "Finish".

Option to load an image into live audio streams on Facebook

Step 3. Drag the image to position it inside the transmission cover space and touch "Finish" to set. Then enter a description for the post. You can book friends by entering their names and tapping the suggested profile, as shown in the image below.

Option to include a cover and set the description of a live audio broadcast on Facebook

Step 4. Tap "Cast live" and wait for the three-second countdown to start broadcasting. To finalize live audio, tap "Finish".

Option to start and end a Facebook audio stream

Step 5. Just like in live videos, you can save the audio stream on your phone, delete the file or post a replay on your Facebook page.

Options for saving, deleting, or posting a live audio stream replay on Facebook

Use Live Audio whenever you want to talk live with your friends and followers without displaying webcam images.

Video shows how to make a live stream on Facebook via mobile

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