Facebook releases Stories for all groups; learn how to use

Facebook released on Tuesday (4) Group Stories, version of the posts that disappear in 24 hours that work within groups of the social network. Available to all users on Android, iPhone (iOS) and web, the feature brings the same functions as conventional platform Stories, but with extra controls for administrators. The function aims to increase the interactivity in the platform with exclusive resource for the participants.

With the new tool you can choose, for example, whether any member is allowed to publish or enable review mode to approve posts individually. The feature is similar to that released by Instagram. See in the tutorial how to use the main Stories tools in Facebook groups.

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How to post on mobile

Step 1. Access the Facebook groups menu and select one of the groups that you are part of;

Join a Facebook group

Step 2. The feed will display a new "Create Story" or "Add" button. Capture photo or video with your camera phone and use the same editing features present in the conventional Stories. At the end, tap "Group Story" to post.

Post Stories to Facebook group

How to manage on mobile

Step 1. If you are a group administrator, you can remove posts from Stories, or silence for up to seven days or delete a member that causes spam. Open a Story, tap the three-dot button to open the options menu and select the desired action;

Remove a post and block a user from the group

Step 2. To prevent posting of member posts automatically you need to access group settings. To do this, first tap the "i" at the top of the screen to open the details, and then go to "Go to the administrator tools";

Access the administrator tools for more options

Step 3. Click "Settings" and find the Stories options in the "Discussion" section;

Locate Group Stories moderation options

Step 4. Set whether all members or just administrators can post Stories. By enabling approval, all posts will need to be reviewed and released by administrators or moderators before they appear to the group;

Set restrictions on Stories posts

Step 5. The approval arrives in form of notification. Tap to view Story and select, in the buttons below, whether or not to authorize the group.

Approve or remove a Stories post from your group

How to use on PC

Step 1. Unlike the public version, it is not possible to create Stories posts within groups by computer. To view, click "View story" at the top right of the screen;

View group Stories by computer

Step 2. If you are a moderator or administrator, you can also remove Stories and block members of the group who have posted inappropriate content.

Remove Stories and block users from the PC

Ready. Take advantage of the tip and share moments with friends through the Facebook Stories function for groups.

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