FIFA 19: tips to do well in the Weekend League of the FUT Champions

FIFA 19 has the FUT Champions mode in which it is possible to qualify for the Weekend League, a tournament that happens on weekends and guarantees prizes and places for bigger stages. So far, this is the main competitive activity of EA Sports football game, and is exclusive to the versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Because it is a way that requires more of the player's skills and decisions, it is necessary to pay attention to the steps since the team's formation. Check out six days that can help make the best moves.

FIFA 19: see ten good and cheap players for Ultimate Team mode

Use "goal" players

Not always the players with the highest overall level or price are the strongest in the Ultimate Team. In many situations, it is possible to use excellent quality cards that cost little, and can save you expenses.

There are good and cheap players to use in Ultimate Team mode

There are also times when valuable cards are the best choices, such as the cases of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappé, Sergio Ramos and goalkeeper De Gea, who are among the best in the game and are also widely used.

Choose the right training

FIFA 19 offers several formations with variants, but in more competitive environments, not all are strong. Opt for more effective strategies like 4-2-3-1, 4-2-2-2 and 4-1-2-1-2 (2) to get the best out of your players and make sure you're performing the best possible.

Choose more effective FIFA 19 trainings

Abuse of Dynamic Tactics

More than changing the behavior of his team on the pitch, dynamic tactics are also a great alternative to fit players from other leagues and nationalities into his squad without losing a connection. That's why it's not uncommon to see teams with Kante and Pogba in attack and Aguero as a flier.

Use Dynamic Tactics to correct the positioning of your players in FIFA 19

Assemble your team so that the maximum number of players is maximum. This means that you can change the formations freely, without worrying about consequences during the match. After that, create a Dynamic Tactic using whatever training you want.

Master Calibrated Finalizations

Calibrated Finishers share opinion among FIFA 19 players, but during more competitive competitions such as the Weekend League, you need to master the technique to get well.

Master the FIFA Calibrated Finals 19

Try to decorate the exact timing to hit green precision kicks, and mix this to beats placed outside the area (holding R1 / RB). The kicks are so accurate, they work even with the player on his back, or when the ball is in motion.

Do not forget the substitutions

In casual matches, it is normal for players to ignore the substitutions in FIFA 19. However, in the Weekend League, any sloppiness in this matter can result in defeats.

Make substitutions on time in FIFA 19

Keep an eye on your athletes' clock and stamina bar, and make at least one replacement between 60 and 65 minutes. In addition to saving tired players, you gain new blood with reserves, which come full of energy on the field.

Beware of goals scored

As in many older versions of FIFA, the game of the 2019 season has several "marked" moments in which it is much easier to score goals. Shortly after the start of the match, immediately after conceding a goal, the plays are repeated in the 45 minutes of the first half and 90 minutes of play.

marked "in FIFA 19

Decorate these situations and watch out to avoid them being used against you, since any silliness will result in a one goal from the opponent. Another important part is trying to take advantage of those moments to score goals and gain an advantage.

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