Fortnite: Challenges of Season 3 Week 7; see how to complete

Fortnite Battle Royale received the challenges of the third week of the Free Pass and Battle Pass for Season 7 on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the Fortnite Mobile version for Android and iPhone (iOS). The first list since the beginning of the Christmas event of the game brings thematic quests of snow, taking advantage of the news of the map of the game. Check out all the challenges and know how to fulfill them.

What are Fortnite's Weekly Challenges? Learn all about the system

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Free pass

  • Use a Zipline in different matches

Just approach the steel cables scattered over high places on the Fortnite map and jump up to them to activate the zipline. You will have to repeat the process in five different games to complete this mission.

Fortnite: Challenges of Season 3 Week 7; see how to complete

  • Stage 1: Sleep in the Lonely Hut

The Free Pass internship mission requires players to jump off the bus and cannon at the places marked to complete the parts. Keep an eye on the mission update as soon as you finish one of the stages.

  • Eliminations with Legendary Weapon

Use the legendary weapons, identified by their orange glow, to eliminate their opponents. It is necessary to defeat two players with the gunshots to finish this challenge, which is classified as one of the most difficult of the week.

Battle Pass

  • Look for Chests in the Polar Peak or Temple of Tomatoes

Go to the locations and open a total of 7 baus to fill the bar and finish the mission. Note that you can find any number of chests in different matches, and all will be counted towards the challenge.

Scour the map and complete missions at Fortnite

  • Ring a bell on different Named Points in a single game

Star of the Halloween challenges, the bells are back to the challenges of Fortnite. This time, just visit two named points and play them in different houses to finish the challenge that yields 5 stars.

  • Search between three ski cabins

In the mysterious mission, find the three ski huts on the snowy part of the map and drop the central space between them to discover the secret. Stay tuned for denominated points and objects of interest to finish the challenge quickly.

Use different ziplines in Fortnite

  • Stage 1: Deal damage with opponents' rifles

Another mission by stages, this time involving damage caused by various weapons. follow the mission update in the game menu to find out which weapon models to look for and use in matches.

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