How to find old conversations on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web has a tool that allows you to find keywords within specific conversations. Through the search, you can search for terms in chats with a friend or in group conversations and find old conversations. After the search, the service displays a list with every time the word was mentioned, separating the results by date. The feature is also available in the WhatsApp application for Windows and MacOS. See the next step in how to search and find old conversations within a specific WhatsApp chat from your computer.

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Step 1. Open a conversation and click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on the magnifying glass to search for old conversations on WhatsApp Web

Step 2. Enter the word or term you want to find in the search field.

Enter the term you want to find in WhatsApp Web

Step 3. A list will appear with all words found in conversations with that contact or group. Click on the conversation you want to open it.

Identify, by date, the old conversation you want to see on the WhatsApp Web

Okay, WhatsApp will open the desired conversation in the same window.

WhatsApp Web shows old conversations

Generic Search

If you want to search for a term, but do not remember who you talked to about it, you can do a generic search. To do this, type the term in the search field of the WhatsApp home page. Thus, they will be displayed every time the word was mentioned in your conversations, without restricting it to a specific friend or group.

You can search any word in WhatsApp Web search

Enjoy the tips and find important conversations in WhatsApp from your computer.

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