How to follow the World Cup with the Google Go app

Google Go lets you watch the 2018 World Cup on your Android phone. The tool has an exclusive area with game table, news, classification and switching of the final phase of the competition. At any time during the tournament, users can check game results and details.

The application is ideal for people who participate in bingo or who wish to keep informed about the championship. Check out the following tutorial and learn how to use Google Go to follow the Russian World Cup.

Tutorial shows how to follow the Russian World Cup on mobile with the Google Go app

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Step 1. Open Google Go and touch the "World Cup" icon. Initially, you'll see the match schedule and you can tap one of them to see more options.

Action to see information about a World Cup game in the Google Go app

Step 2. Check out the game statistics, news and team lineups - the information will be available just moments before the match. To learn more about a selection, touch the team's flag. At that point, the games are listed on the screen with results, opponents and schedules. The page also brings tabs for news and team rankings.

Views of game information and about a selection in the Google Go app

Step 3. The "News" tab displays news stories about the World Cup. You can tap on the headlines to read articles and go back to Google Go preview. In "Ranking", data on points, number of wins, number of losses and goal balance are displayed.

News Screen and World Cup Team Leaderboard Selection in the Google Go App

Step 4. In "Final Phase", check the groups' switch to the definition of the World Cup stage. Throughout the competition, the selections will be automatically available as they move to the round of 16 to the final.

Screen that shows the switching of the final phase of the 2018 World Cup in the Google Go app

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