Monster Hunter World: how to get Assassin's Creed clothes

Monster Hunter: World, Capcom RPG game available for PC (Steam), Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4), brings dozens of monsters to hunt and complete missions, as well as special events that join the game to other franchises. This time a partnership with Ubisoft was created to create Assassin's Creed Origins themed quests, which reward the player with the clothes and weapons of the killer Bayek. The mission can be completed by January 10 on the consoles, but will return in the future to be held on the PC.

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Step 1. Assassin's Creed clothes can only be won at the event called "Quiet, Deadly and Fierce", which consists of facing three of the most powerful monsters of the game at once: Odogaron, Deviljho and Lunastra. You must defeat them get a look inspired by Bayek, the protagonist of Assassin's Creed Origins;

The Quiet, Deadly and Fierce mission enables Bayek to look

Step 2. The event is enabled after download and installation of the latest patch, and can be found at any time in the Events tab when opening the Monster Hunter: World pause menu. In accepting the mission, his hunt begins in a closed arena, which makes the fights more claustrophobic and strategic than normal.

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Open the event menu to access the mission

Take your best outfit and healing items to the battles. The key is to have patience and take a "run away and attack" posture. Keep your distance and only strike the beasts from behind when there is space to attack the tail of the animals, which are the weaknesses. If you are having problems, check out the complete hunting guide;

Step 3. Whenever you complete the event, you will earn the item "Pena de Senu", which is essential and must be delivered to the Astera Blacksmith. When doing this, the request to create the themed Armor and Hood will open automatically and will require to repeat the chase to catch more feathers, so prepare yourself for some grinding;

The Pena de Senu is obligatory to make the clothes

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Step 4. Among the deliveries enabled when talking to the Blacksmith, "Becoming a Killer" yields the Assassin's Creed themed armor and costs 5000 search points and 2 Senu Pens, the same price as "Ferram. Esp: Assassin's Hood ", which rewards the player with a themed hood;

Hand the pen to the blacksmith at Astera

Step 5. The Assassin's Creed themed clothing also has practical effects on gameplay as it gives bonus to the player. By equipping the "Assassin's Hood", the character gains an increase in the speed of movement that allows him to hide faster on the map.

It is necessary to defeat Lunastra, Odogaron and Deviljho four times

The effect of sneaky camouflage lasts until you deal damage to a surprised monster. As soon as you are seen, the clothes return to their normal attributes until the next fight.

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