How to share IGTV videos on Instagram Stories

Instagram now allows you to share IGTV videos in Stories. A preview of the video is displayed and the user must press on the story to watch the full content on the "Instagram TV". Previously, it was only possible to add links to IGTV in business accounts. With the change, any user can promote videos in their stories in a similar way as sharing posts from the feed in Stories.

In the following tutorial, check out how to share IGTV videos in your Instagram Stories. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 8 with iOS 12, but the tips are also valid for users of Android devices.

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Learn how to share IGTV videos on Instagram Stories

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Step 1. Open IGTV and locate the video you want to share. Tap the video to view it in full screen. Then tap on the airplane icon in the bottom bar of options;

Sharing IGTV video

Step 2. In the options menu that appears, touch "Add video to your story". Finally, press the "Your Story" button in the lower left corner of the screen to share the post.

Posting video in your story

Ready! Take advantage of tips to promote IGTV videos on Instagram Stories.

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