See tips for playing Vampyr, Vampire RPG for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Vampyr is the new DONTNOD Entertainment game for PS4, Xbox One and PC (download via Steam). In the game, the protagonist is Jonathan Reid, a doctor recently transformed into a vampire. Its goal is to cure an epidemic that is devastating the city of London. To help you, check out tips for playing the vampire RPG.

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Human or vampire?

In Vampyr, the player has the option of ignoring (or not) his new compulsion for blood. The game offers two distinct ways to play games that directly affect NPCs and districts. In the end, the choice is yours, but remember that for every action there is a consequence.

See tips for playing Vampyr, Vampire RPG for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

By focusing on your responsibilities as a physician, without killing anyone, Dr. Reid will receive less experience. But it will keep the characters alive for further investigation and have fewer enemies to fight on the map.

If Reid yields to bloodlust, he will receive triple the experience as a reward for murdering innocent people. Obviously, the game will be a bit easier, since with more points you will be able to buy skills with ease. But with the death of the NPCs, the health of the district will decline every night, and enemies will appear in that place.

Residents have cases and tips

The population is full of gossip to tell and secrets to hide. Talk to them and explore all the options for dialogue - as long as they are not decisive. Do not speak once. Whenever you have new information, return and speak again with the same NPCs. You will unlock new information and secondary missions.

Londoners have clues that open secondary missions

Develop autophagy and coagulation

The autophagy allows Reid to drain his own blood to heal damage during combat. Keep improving this ability so you do not rely solely on serums to make a living. In parallel, develop coagulation, which paralyzes enemies. They are only seconds, but allow you to attack to absorb blood.

Autophagy allows you to heal during fights in Vampyr

Enhance weapons with blood absorption

The equipment has level and several types of leveling, with improvements to the combat. Absorption of blood is one of the most useful as it drains blood from enemies with each blow. That is, you do not need to knock out and bite each opponent to use special scams. Just attack normally and your bar will fill up with throughout the fight.

Blood-absorbing weapons drain fluids from enemies in Vampyr

Increase vigor

Scams are limited by the character's energy. The problem is that if she runs out during the fight, Reid will be unable to dodge or counterattack. It's a few seconds, but it makes all the difference in a fight. So when it comes to using your experience points to buy skills, do not forget to save a little to improve your stamina.

Mount small combos to not exhaust vigor in Vampyr

Browse waste bins, cabinets and boxes

Reid needs stuff to upgrade weapons and prepare medicine. The best way to get them is in bins, cupboards and boxes scattered throughout the four districts. The items reappear after a while so you can repeat the collection periodically. The enemies also have useful loots, so do not run away from a fight if you feel you can win.

Browse all to have supplies for serums, medications and upgrades in Vampyr

Another option is NPCs that sell specific materials and products.

Your actions affect the health of the districts

Like any good game of choice, there are consequences for your actions. In Vampyr, the act of healing, ignoring or killing can decide the fate of Londoners. The health of the districts, for example, is directly linked to the amount of disease in the area, and areas in serious situation tend to have more skals. Therefore, make medicines, investigate and question the characters and pillar of each district. Some tips and information may be lost depending on your choice of dialogue.

In Vampyr, the life and death of NPCs has an impact on the district

Patients need medication

Keeping the residents healthy is always a plus. In addition to improving the quality of life in the districts, it also increases the amount of experience Reid receives if he drinks the patient's blood. To make medications, collect the necessary prescriptions and supplies, and then create the formula on the manufacturing table.

Talk to the villagers and use the remedy remedy to heal them in Vampyr

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