How to use Focus or Portrait mode in Instagram Stories

Instagram's "Focus" function allows you to take photos or record videos in Stories with depth effect that resembles images captured by a professional camera. The result is also very similar to photos captured by Portrait Mode, iPhone. The feature keeps focus only on the face that is in the foreground, leaving the background of the image blurred. It is worth mentioning that the new feature works on both selfies and pictures taken with the rear camera and is being released gradually for all users. Check out the following tutorial on how to take photos with Focus on Instagram Stories.

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Step 1. Open Instagram and touch the camera icon in the upper left corner to open the Stories. Then choose Focus mode from the bottom bar.

Focus Mode lets you take professional-looking photos on Instagram

Step 2. Bring the camera face closer so that the effect is activated. Once the application identifies the face, the effect is already previewed on the screen, with the background landscape blurred. Capture the photo or video, edit as you want and share with your friends or post in your story.

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