How to use night mode in Instagram for PC

The Night Mode for Instagram extension allows you to activate a night mode on the Instagram web. The tool, which works as a free add-on for Chrome, is ideal to avoid tiring your eyes by browsing the computer photo network for a long time. Night mode applies a totally black background on Instagram, avoiding the high clarity emitted by the original background, and makes the interface more pleasant to navigate at night.

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To use the tool, simply download it from the Chrome Web Store and follow our instructions to learn how to enable or disable the theme. Check out the tutorial.

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Step 1. Go to the Night Mode for Instagram extension page and press the "Use in Chrome" button to prepare the download of the extension;

Action to download the extension Night Mode for Instagram

Step 2. To start the download and install the tool, select the "Add extension" option;

Action to start downloading the Night Mode for Instagram extension

Step 3. The dark mode is activated automatically. If you want to disable, click the extension icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Action to turn the Night Mode for Instagram on and off

To use the extension button to choose when to activate the dark theme.

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