Meme do orange in WhatsApp: learn how to download the cards

The WhatsApp user can download the Laranjo sticker package - WAStickerapps, available for Android phones. With the free app, you can access a number of Laranjo figurines, a meme created by a Facebook page in 2016 - which included other characters such as Banano, Lemon and Tortugo. The content was viralized thanks to the malicious dolls and the errors of Portuguese intentions.

Extension is useful because it allows users to express themselves in an original and fun way, with well diversified content. The function of figurines arrived at the messenger at the end of October. See in the following tutorial how to download and send Laranjo stickers to your contacts in the social network.

Six tips and tricks for using stickers on WhatsApp

Laranjo sticker pack for WhatsApp

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Step 1. Install the Figurinhas Laranjo - WAStickerapps app on the page. When you open the tool, the available stickers package options will be displayed. Tap on one of them to see the available cards in each package. If you like the stickers, go to the "Add to WhatsApp" button to include them in the chat app;

Choose a package of Laranjo stickers to download

Step 2. Another way to add a sticker package to the messenger is directly from the home screen. Simply touch the "+" symbol next to each package to perform the procedure. Then complete the process in "Add";

Add the Laranjo figurine package to WhatsApp

Step 3. To use the stickers, open WhatsApp and tap on a chat window. Then, click the message box to access the keyboard and go to the face icon;

Tap on WhatsApp's face icon

Step 4. To access the cards, touch the icon that looks like a folded sheet in the lower bar. Each package of Laranjo stickers is represented by a different icon. Touch the one you want to access;

Click on the Laranjo sticker pack that you want to use in WhatsApp

Step 5. Finally, select the desired sticker and send it to the recipient.

Choose the Laranjo sticker and click it to send it to WhatsApp chat

Ready. Enjoy the hint and make your conversations more fun on WhatsApp with Laranjo memes.

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