Spotify for Android: how to change the order of songs in playlist

Spotify for Android started allowing users to edit their own playlists. The functionality, which already existed in the web and desktop editions of the service, allows to change the order of the songs, which were previously arranged chronologically, as added to the playlist. To rearrange the tracks, simply drag them to the desired position. It's important to remember that this new feature only works on playlists that you create or are in collaborative mode.

Check below how to use the feature in the tutorial below, performed on a Moto Z2 Play running Android 8.0. You need to install version of the music application.

Spotify now allows you to edit playlists

Step 1. Go to Spotify and go to "Your Library" in the lower right corner of the menu. Then tap "Playlists" to access your playlists.

Access your playlist in Spotify

Step 2. Select a playlist you created, and when you open it, go to the three-dot icon at the top right of the screen.

Tap on your playlist in Spotify

Step 3. Next, choose the "Edit playlist" item. Note that, next to the song names, an icon consisting of three horizontal lines appears. Tap on it and drag the track to the position you want.

Drag the track to wherever you want in Spotify

Step 4. After placing the songs in the desired settings, go to "Save" to complete the process.

Ready! Now your playlists can be even more personalized.

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