Nubank: How to make payroll for NuConta

Nubank now allows you to make salary portability for NuConta. The main advantage is that the money goes into the account and is already starting to pay off automatically - without the user having to worry about depositing in the savings or choosing an investment.

To make the request, it is necessary to know the CNPJ of the company in which you work, the company name and select the bank where the payments are processed. The request is sent to the bank of origin of your salary account and, after the process is granted, the user will receive by NuConta.

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to fill out the portability request of your salary for NuConta. The procedure was performed in the iPhone app version (iOS), but the tips are also good for Android users. There is no fee, either from Nubank or from the source bank of the salary.

Learn how to make the portability of your salary to NuConta

Step 1. Open the Nubank app and tap "Deposit". Then touch "Get paid";

Access the indicated options

Step 2. A brief explanation of wage portability will be displayed. Tap "OK" to advance. Now enter the CNPJ number for the company you work for and tap "continue."

Enter your employer's CNPJ

Step 3. Then enter the business name - note that this may be different from the company's (public) fancy name. Moving on to the next step, you need to select the bank where the company processes the payroll. This bank may be different from the bank where you receive your salary, so it is advisable to confirm the information with HR.

Enter your business name and select the bank where your payment is processed

Step 4. Finally, enter your credit card password to confirm the request. You will receive an email response within five business days.

Confirm your password to apply for salary portability

That way, your next salary will be deposited directly in your NuConta.

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