Free Holy Bible application: learn how to download and use

The free Holy Bible app provides the complete holy scriptures on iPhone (iOS) and Android phones. The book is available in 1, 254 languages ​​and 1, 803 versions of interpretation. With the service installed, the user can access the whole set of Old and New Testaments, with the possibility of choosing the books you want, such as Psalms, John, Luke or Apocalypse, for example, besides selecting the desired chapters.

The tool also offers narratives of important stories, such as Christmas and Advent, in an organized way, with an orderly book and chapter. The app allows you to create plans to stimulate the habit of reading the passages daily and download the texts to see offline, without access to the Internet. Here's how to use the Holy Bible for mobile application. The step by step was performed on an iPhone 7, but the procedure is the same on devices with Google system.

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Application makes full Bible available on mobile

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Step 1. Install the Holy Bible app on the page. The home page displays the "Verse of the Day", a reading recommendation. To view it completely, just touch it;

Holy Bible application displays a different verse every day

Step 2. To select the version and language of the desired Bible click the "Read" icon in the main menu and then the standard "NTLH" button at the top of the screen. Then select the language and version of your preference. To download all content and read offline, go to "Download", next to the desired version;

Holy Bible Application offers several languages ​​and versions

Step 3. Still in the "Read" section, choose the Bible Book you want to read. To do this, click the default option "John" and then access the desired book;

In the Bible application, the books are separated to facilitate the search

Step 4. To go to a specific chapter, click the little box next to the desired book and choose the corresponding number;

User can select a specific chapter from a bible book by cell phone

Step 5. By touching the speaker icon, you can listen to all the content on the page;

Bible App reproduces all audio content

Step 6. To search a specific book or passage of the Bible, touch the magnifying glass icon and enter the content of interest;

Holy Bible app search tool allows you to find specific Bible books and passages on the mobile

Step 7. In the "Plans" section, located in the lower menu bar, create goals to stimulate the habit of reading the Bible daily through passages about important events in history. Choose an option and select "Start Plan";

Create a daily Bible reading plan on the mobile

Step 8. Next, choose whether you want to read by yourself or share the story with friends. The app will display the content to be read daily until the story is complete. To start reading, just touch the desired book;

Holy Bible App tells important stories in an organized way

Step 9. In the "Explore" section, there are biblical stories related to topics such as love, faith, healing, among others. Click on an option to see the texts on the subject. The "More" option in the lower bar also gives the reader the "Verse of the Day", plus a section of videos, technical settings, sharing and terms of use.

Bible App shows texts according to user's emotions

Ready. Take the hint and read the Bible in a more organized and continuous way with the Holy Bible app.

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