Learn how to play Free Fire Battlegrounds, Garena's online game

Free Fire Battlegrounds is Garena's Battle Royale mobile game, free to download on Android (via Google Play) and iOS (from the App Store). Just like titles like PUBG and Fortnite, the goal is to face opponents online on a big map, with the task of being the last survivor. Still have not downloaded or played the game? This tutorial will teach you how to take the first step in one of the most famous games of the moment. Check out the complete guide.

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Learn how to play Free Fire Battlegrounds, Garena's online game

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Step 1. First you need to download the game on your smartphone. To do so, go to Google Play or the App Store and search for Free Fire Battlegrounds. It is also possible to use a little 'trick' to play on the PC;

To play Free Fire Battlegrounds first download the game to Google Play or the App Store

Step 2. Run the game and log in using a social network or creating an account;

Log in to Free Fire Battlegrounds

Step 3. In the main menu of the game, click "Play" to start a game;

Click on Play in Free Fire Battlegrounds

Step 4. You will be taken to a lobby with other players, where you can walk to the beginning of the match;

Wait in the Free Fire Battlegrounds lobby

Step 5. Already on the plane, wait for it to pass to where you want to drop and touch the button;

Tap the button to jump off the plane in Free Fire Battlegrounds

Step 6. Use the board to navigate to the exact area where you want to land in the Free Fire Battlegrounds;

Navigate to the chosen spot with your board in Free Fire Battlegrounds

Step 7. As you approach the ground, open the parachute (it will open automatically if you do not) and fall slowly;

Open the parachute to land safely in the Free Fire Battlegrounds

Step 8. Once you touch the ground, head quickly to one of the houses or buildings. This will give you protection, and will allow you to find items to defend yourself;

When you touch the ground in Free Fire Battlegrounds, run to get a weapon.

Step 9. Zoom in on weapons and items and tap the icons at the top right of the screen to collect them;

Tap the buttons to collect the weapons in Free Fire Battlegrounds

Step 10. Already equipped, it's time to go to combat. Use the aiming button on the right side of the screen to get closer to the view and get more accurate shots. You can also jump, squat, lie down and run faster with the onscreen commands;

Start fighting in Free Fire Battlegrounds

Step 11. Open the map and keep an eye on the combat zones, which get smaller as you pass the game. If you stay outside this area at the end of the countdown, you will receive progressive damage;

Keep an eye on the points marked on the map of Free Fire Battlegrounds

Step 12. When you arrive in the marked zone, place yourself in a safe place or look for enemies to eliminate. Your goal is to be the last survivor, so play cautiously and avoid exposing yourself too much so as not to attract the attention of many enemies.

Fight for your survival in Free Fire Battlegrounds

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