Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Find the Cigarette Card Collection

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the acclaimed action game in the Wild West developed by Rockstar for Xbox One and PS4. The sequel to the classic Red Dead Redemption has well-crafted graphics and a gigantic world filled with items and secrets. Learn how to get the complete collection of cigarette cards in our complete tutorial.

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The fastest way to get all the cards is during chapter two of the main campaign, so play the story normally until you reach it. After that, follow the steps below:

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Step 1. Begin the "Smoking and other hobbies" mission by talking to the hat man on the wooden stool, exactly at the point marked on the map below:

Start the Smoking and other hobbies mission at Flatneck Station

He says he's willing to pay dearly for a full set of cards, so he needs to collect 144 different cards to complete the mission. Save your money early, because the whole process we will explain in this tutorial will cost a little over $ 2, 000;

Step 2. Visit the General Store, represented by the icon indicated on the map below, and buy packages of collectible cards there. We will explain the process in step 3.

Visit the General Store to buy cards

Each package includes a random card, so you will need to have enough patience to collect all of them;

Step 3. Talk to the General Store salesperson and, in your catalog, click on Provisions, Tobacco and Premium Cigarettes.

Buy cigarettes by opening the store catalog

Each pack of cigarettes costs $ 4.50, and you can only buy one pack at a time;

Step 4. After the purchase, open your inventory and throw away all the cigarettes you just bought by pressing the triangle button on the PlayStation 4, or Y on the Xbox One.

Throw away the cigarettes to buy more cards.

After you free up space in your inventory, repeat the process of buying cigarettes in the store's catalog. Then throw away your purchase again, get more cigarettes and repeat steps 2 to 4 as many times as necessary until you have all the cards;

Step 5. With enough money, completing the collection with the method we explain takes a little less than twenty minutes. You can check the status of your collection by pausing the game and accessing the Progress option, then Conpendium, Cigarette Cards.

You can view your collection at any time

In this window you can see how many of the 144 cards you already have, as well as enjoy your prints with details;

Step 6. With the complete collection, go to the Post Office, as marked on the map below. Talk to the employee and hold the button to the right on the directional, which will open the window of sending letters. Select the entire collections and confirm the submission.

Get your reward at the post office

Now you just have to go back to the post office the day after you completed the mission to receive your reward.

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