Spotify Wrapped 2018: how to discover your most heard songs of the year

Spotify launches every year a retrospective of the activities of users in the streaming platform. Spotify Wrapped 2018 offers an interactive summary of the most played artists, most played songs and the total time spent on the service. In addition, the tool creates two playlists with the 100 most heard songs of 2018 and another that brings similar bands that the user has never heard. Both can be saved to the profile and played at any time in the apps for iPhone (iOS), Android and the service software.

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To access the feature, Spotify requires you to be an active user of the service so that the automatic survey is effective and possible. The tool is accessed using your access data in the streaming service. To view the My Spotify 2018 feature and get to know your most played artists and music in the year, follow our tutorial that teaches you how to use Spotify Wrapped.

Tutorial shows you how to start Spotify Wrapped 2018 to get to know the artists and songs that you most played in the service in 2018

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Step 1. Go to the following link (// and press the "Enter Spotify" button;

Action to start the Spotify Wrapped 2018 login screen by the PC browser

Step 2. Accept the terms of use of the tool in the "OK" option;

Action to accept the terms of Spotify Wrapped 2018 and see its usage data in the streaming service during the year

Step 3. At this point, the platform will start presenting data interactively. To move forward or backward, use the arrow icons in the lower left corner of the screen;

Spotify Wrapped tool home screen that shows data about the use of the streaming service in 2018

Step 4. In a moment, the service will offer a playlist of the songs most heard by you in 2018. The list of 100 songs can be played by pressing the "Listen to Spotify" button;

Tool offers a Playlist with the 100 songs most heard by the user in 2018 in Spotify

Step 5. The service will also offer a list of songs that fit your musical taste you have never heard. To open the list, select "Listen in Spotify";

Service offers a playlist with songs by artists similar to your taste that you have never heard of in Spotify

Step 6. Finally, the platform offers an option to share data summary in social networks.

Action to share your Wrapped Spotify data with your friends on social networks

Enjoy the tip to know more about your activities and your musical taste in the year 2018 in Spotify.

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